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Below you will find actual clients of Dr. Yeterian who presented for a wide variety of reasons with one common goal in look and feel better!

Smile Gallery in Cos Cob

Replacement of old, worn composite facings with lovely laminates.

Smile Gallery near Greenwich

Cosmetic recontouring of chipped upper anteriors

Smile Gallery near Byram

Replacement of worn composite facing with beautiful veneers

Before and After Photos in Cos Cob

Smile enhancement with natural porcelain veneers

Before and After Photos near Greenwich

Challenging single-tooth natural crown replacement

Before and After Photos near Byram

Space closure and smile improvement with porcelain veneers

Dental Images in Cos Cob

Dental trauma corrected with composite restorations

Dental Images near Greenwich

mouth reconstruction with all ceramic restorations

Dental Images near Byram

Dental trauma repair with natural composite restorations

Cos Cob Smile Gallery

Reverse smile correction with aesthetic veneers (upper 2 teeth)

Greenwich Smile Gallery

Upper Arch rehabilitation with fixed implanted supported ceramometal prosthetics

Byram Smile Gallery

Dental trauma reconstruction with E-max crowns

Cos Cob Before and After Photos

Dental trauma reconstruction with implant and tooth supported ceramic crowns.

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