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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Are we accepting new patients?  
One may assume since our practice is so well established that we may not be accepting new patients. Quite to the contrary, we continue to enjoy establishing new  and lasting relationships within the community, therefore, we look forward to welcoming new patients to our practice.

Q: Do we treat children in our practice?
We are a family practice and we have quite a large population of children from our various families. Many of the children we treat here are second and third generation within this practice. Children add great pleasure and enjoyment and enhance the general atmosphere of the office. We take great pride in watching them mature into fine, young adults!

Q: How does one become a new patient in our office?
For an adult new patient, the first step would be to have a full set of radiographs taken, unless you have had them taken within the last 5 years and a new patient exam, wherein, the doctor would provide a very in depth, thorough examination of your oral cavity. He would be checking, not only your teeth for decay, fractures, bone loss, etc., but also your soft tissue (i.e., palate, floor of the mouth, cheeks, etc.). He also will do a complete oral cancer screening, as well as, evaluating your temporomandibular joint. Other areas would be for any abscesses or root canal issues, as well as, any bite problems that may need orthodonture.

The second appointment would then be where the doctor will sit with you and review his findings from the new patient exam which he has dictated and the office manager has transcribed and typewritten into report form. He will have recommended treatment, as well as, the fees for any work that he feels needs to be performed. He will also indicate which treatment is primary and that which is secondary in nature and that which can be put off and monitored for awhile. This will be the appointment when he can address any questions or concerns the patient may have. Children are brought into the office with an initial hygiene appointment and examined by one of the doctors.

Q: Do we accept insurance or are part of a dental network?
We are a fee for service practice. We deliver the finest care at a reasonable cost consistent with the level of expertise and utilization of the best materials, therefore, payment is due at the times services have been rendered unless other arrangements have been made. We do provide the American Dental Association form, to make it easier for one to submit their claims, and our knowledgeable staff is available should you need assistance. If there are extenuating situations, we can provide for special payment arrangements.

Q: What method of payment to we accept?
We accept cash, check or most major credit cards.

Q: Do we do “Whitening” in our office?
Yes, we offer two different types of whitening procedures. The first involves fabrication of custom fit trays to use with professional strength whitening gel which we provide  in our office. The second is chairside, in-office whitening. This would require a 1 to 1-1/2 hour appointment and we would perform the whitening procedure in our office. Some people prefer to have both the chairside whitening and then also have the trays fabricated for at-home touch up.

Q: How often should one brush and floss their teeth?
Ideally, one should brush their teeth after every meal and floss once per day, preferably flossing before brushing at  bedtime. If this is inconvenient, flossing can be done any time during the day. 

Q: How often should one get a new tooth brush?
You should change your brush every three months. A good rule of thumb would be to get a new tooth brush at every change of season.

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